[Thigh Gap]se in Judgment

This is an amazing, well put dissertation on self-image. I do think people should always have a desire to improve but never letting go of I am enough, and acceptable the way I am now.


I feel like I am ill-prepared to write a blog. I am not sipping on a cup of coffee by a window coated in beads of raindrops, freshly fallen from a poetically dreary sky. There is no adorably awkward pet to which I have given a beloved author’s name sitting at my feet. I am not wrapped up in a sweater, looking at my computer screen through thick glasses that make me look scholarly.
No. I am sitting on my bed in my dorm room, chugging my third LifeWater since dinner and praying that I won’t have to excuse myself to the ladies’ room before my spark dies. I am watching snow fall outside my window in the sweats that are still sagging since I pulled them down to tuck into my snow boots when I left for dining hall dinner. The only other living being in my room is…

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Life is Art